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Joy Isn’t Contingent on Appearances

Are you dealing with a controlling or abusive boss? Concerned about the horrible behavior apparently going on all over the world right now?

Betty Albee – an author, teacher and practitioner of Metaphysical Science – presents the daily living of Science as a practical starting point to understanding the problems troubling you, whether personal or global.

“When a problem comes up,” she tells a live audience at this in-depth seminar, presented over two days, “its purpose is to tell me how I’m living, …. what’s actually going on” — which opens a space for the discovery of answers.

Recording of seminar, with audience questions and Albee’s answers, given in White Plains, New York, in 2003. 12 hours of audio available in either CD or downloadable MP3 format.

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Albee – 2003 White Plains (Available as 6-disc CD set or MP3)

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Betty Albee: About The Author

Betty Albee began studying and practicing metaphysics at a very early age. Both her mother and grandmother were practitioners of Christian Science (C.S.). As a teenager, Betty discovered the writings of Margaret Laird, a C.S. teacher whose expanding view of metaphysics put her at odds with the C.S. organization.

After Betty’s mother died, she explored other churches and religions and found them “unsatisfying and, in many cases, unbelievable.” She returned to Christian Science but primarily she returned to the re-examination of Margaret Laird’s teachings.

Betty met her future husband when they attended Sunday School class together. They shared an appreciation for Laird’s writings. Both objected to the C.S. organization’s insistence that church members steer clear of publications which had not been designated as “authorized literature.”

“Checking out other views of C.S. proved to be difficult,” Betty says. “Church members told me they couldn’t remain friends if I persisted in my inquiries.” Betty and her husband severed their relationships with the C.S. organization. “It took us a while to re-invent our life, but neither of us ever looked back. The freedom was fabulous.”

Betty spent a year (Dec. 1980 – Dec. 1981) as a companion to Margaret Laird. She describes that experience as a challenge and a blessing. “I saw and learned firsthand what the practice was all about.”

Writing Mind Is the Athlete: An Exploration of Consciousness and Cause, “clarified exactly what was so for me,” Betty said. “I had to say it all in my own language in order to feel a deep sense of what was effective for me in my everyday living. ‘Science’ as it has revealed itself in my experience has never failed to meet the need or provide an answer.”

Albee has served on the Board of the Margaret Laird Foundation, now the Institute of Metaphysical Science, since the mid-1960s, and has served the past several years as President. She is an active practitioner.


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