Albee 2021 – Lens of Awareness (MP3s)


Betty Albee’s LiveCast, 2021 Lens of Awareness


Betty Albee’s 2021 LiveCast, Lens of Awareness.  This purchase is for the MP3 audio files which are downloaded and can be played on your smartphone, smart device or computer.

This half-day livecast was based on Margaret Laird’s classic, ALL IS ONE  and was presented by Betty Albee in October of 2021.

Takeaways from the LIvecast:

What is a problem?   It is giving reality to something that doesn’t exist.

Living Myself, the picture / the world that I walk through changes and shifts to reflect Perfection.

STOP!  Stop counting on the look of things to inform you “I am ok”  or “All is well”.

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