Bliss Calendar & Conversations – Quarterly Payments

$29.00 every 3 months



Participants in the IMS “Following My Bliss” calendar project work with a perpetual calendar, which presents well-chosen Science quotes for each day of the year, and offers plenty of space (a reverse-side full page is available) for recording your own intuitive inspiration.     Writing your own inspirational thoughts is encouraged and a significant value to using the calendar.

Your quarterly subscription invites participants to come together online and discuss their daily inspirations in real-time, twice-monthly, interactive video-audio sessions (via Zoom’s free software) with facilitator Craig Coleman. Or those who prefer can join discussions using a voice-only connection from any phone.    The response from our beta-test group for the value from these semi-monthly group conversations has been outstanding.    Participants will receive reminder emails (or by phone as pre-arranged) prior to the teleconference dates.    If you have any questions, please contact Craig Coleman, the IMS Bliss Calendar project facilitator, at 760-408-8062.

To sign-up for the digital PDF version of the calendar and access the Zoom teleconference sessions going on twice a month, please click the “SUBSCRIBE NOW” link above.    This is a quarterly subscription that automatically renews every three months.   To cancel your subscription / participation in the future, simply send an email to the IMS office at — — and your request will be acknowledged.     Upon receipt of the cancellation, the billing for the next upcoming quarter will be stopped.

Reminders for the 2022 online discussion dates and times (Pacific Daylight Time) will emailed to you the morning of each live call in Zoom. 


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