Christian Science Re-Explored, by Margaret Laird – Hardcover


“A book which challenges original thinking. A must read for those of us who know there’s more to life than what meets the eye.” The New York Times

Margaret Laird, the writer of this book, is one of the leading scientific metaphysicians of this age. During her lifetime, Mrs. Laird, like other forward thinkers, followed the premise “All is Mind” and found herself propelled into the fast currents of modern thought. She taught and lived the fact that consciousness constitutes the entire spectrum of experience from physical to mental, material to spiritual and from human to divine. This book is one of the most uncompromising statements of monism and its intensely practical application ever written.

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Christian Science Re-Explored, by Margaret Laird – Hardcover

Many persons in and out of the Christian Science Church are aware of an ever-deepening rift between church officialdom and its boldest and most enlightened thinkers, many of whom are no longer part of the church organization. This rift involves mainly the interpretation and practice of Mary Baker Eddy’s basic premise: All is infinite Mind. This is Monism, the doctrine explaining all phenomena by one universal Principle of existence.

At the same time, there is a growing interest in the science of Christian Science by various disciplines of the physical sciences and by practitioners of medicine, which confirms a statement ascribed to Mrs. Eddy that Doctors of Medicine would accept Christian Science long before Doctors of Divinity. The finest examples of identities of thought of some physicians and some Christian Scientists, though in very different terminology, appear in the writings of John Dorsey, M.D. and Walter Seegers, Ph. D of Wayne State University.

Monists regard Mind/matter as Mrs. Eddy did when she wrote: “Science understood translates matter into Mind.” (Miscellaneous Writings p. 25:12) It is significant that the first of these schematics, Edward A. Kimball, was Mrs. Eddy’s student. She spoke of his teaching as being clear and correct. Best known of his students was Bicknell Young who carried the idea further. It has since been expanded by Mr. Young’s student, Margaret Laird, the author of this book and one of the leading metaphysicians of this age.

Willing to follow wherever the premise “All is infinite Mind” may lead, Mrs. Laird found herself propelled into the fast currents of modern thought. This same impulsion produced Christian Science Re-Explored, one of the most uncompromising statements of monism and its intensely practical application ever made.

Readers who have no interest in dogmatic religion, who are uneasy with dualism, or who may enjoy such writers as Paul Tillich, Erich Fromm, Arthur C. Clarke, Fred Hoyle, A.H. Maslow, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Victor Frankl and Vardis Fisher will find Margaret Laird a kindred spirit. Christian Scientists who wish to be in thought and practice where the basic premise of their religion—one Mind—puts them, will find reading Christian Science Re-Explored an exhilarating experience.

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