DNA: Your Divine Nature Awakening


Discover and realize your true, radiant Self, which preexists everything you ever thought you knew about your identity!

Your individuality comes to light on its own authority. Mind/Love is the thinking/understanding that is the revelation, “Wow, I’ve been living a false view of myself and looking to it for happiness and contentment!” Acknowledging your God-Self is the realization of well–being, wealth, and fulfilling relationships.

Join us for this 5-session teleconference beginning March 16!

Session 1 – Individuality: The Conscious Living of My Self

Session 2 – Personality: Always Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Session 3 – Reactions to Others: How They Reveal My Level of Perception

Session 4 – My True-Self has it all: Love, Health, and Wealth

Session 5 – My Individuality is at the Wheel, Whether I Know it or Not

DATE(S): (Saturdays) March 16, March 30, April 13, April 27, and June 1

START TIME (PT): 10 a.m. Pacific Time

PRICE: $99

FACILITATOR: Melinda Swenson

REQUIRED TEXT: I Am My Own Ancestor by Margaret Laird is available for purchase in the IMS Shop.

Platforms: Class will be held via a live interactive video-audio format for those using Zoom software on a smartphone or computer. An audio-only format will be available for those using any type of phone.

Information about how to access the course sessions and homework to be completed prior to the first session will be emailed to you upon registration.

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