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You help the IMS in so many ways, through donations, commenting on the quotes and blog articles we send out, giving our Tuesday night livestreams a thumbs-up, joining our lively/complimentary online events, or attending a live cast. Thank you!

If you’d like to continue to support the digitization project, you’re welcome to, and as usual, we remind you that no donation is too small. Numerous, small donations help maintain the legal, non-profit status of the IMS by showing that it serves a broad-based, active community. If you are considering a gift, you may or mail a check to:

IMS, P.O. Box 6321, San Jose, CA 95150.

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Any amount is appreciated, and we know that financial contributions take many forms. Beyond your monetary donation, there can be gifts of investment securities and estate bequests, including a Charitable Remainder Trust or Gift Annuity. Talk with your financial advisor or attorney.

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