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There are many ways your tax-deductible contribution will help us expand the awareness of Metaphysical Science. Here are just some of them:

You can support the creation of a streaming online IMS library.

Your support will speed the completion of the digital edition of the IMS ReThink Quarterly.

You can underwrite the digital audio/video production of future seminars, as well as audio from older seminars not yet digitized.  Why?.... Did you know that we have seminars that remain unpublished in digital and downloadable formats?

You can underwrite searchable, portable ebook versions of all of Margaret Laird’s printed books, as well as the Laird Letters (1953-82)!  Why?.... These editions will then be accessible on your Kindle, phone or tablet.

Support the IMS by making purchases through the Amazon Smile program!  How?.... Just identify the IMS as your preferred non-profit organization at the Amazon Smile website. With every purchase, a small percentage will be sent to the IMS – you just need to remember to visit the Amazon Smile website, before shopping!

Any amount is appreciated, and we know that financial contributions take many forms. Beyond your monetary donation, there can be gifts of investment securities and estate bequests, including a Charitable Remainder Trust or Gift Annuity. Talk with your financial advisor or attorney.