Laird – 1965 Liverpool Seminar – Set 1


Laird – 1965 Liverpool – Set 1

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Laird – 1965 Liverpool – Set 1 (Available as 6-disc set or MP3)

Incredible set!

CD 01_03

  • God is all there is.  There is not anything to the idea of me!
  • Understanding man’s reflection.
  • Should I say, “I am MIND”.  (‘I am’ creates ‘no mind’, which is the mortal man)
  • We are not “one with”.   There is only ONE.
  • Live your life as we are the only one living.
  • Leave your family alone to live their life from their standpoint of experience.
  • There is no such thing as relationship!  Children / Others?
  • The universal existence is individually lived. j
  • We are Understanding. We are not someone that understands!

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