Perfection Is Gained Because Perfection Is


In a groundbreaking 1949 Address to her students, Perfection Is Gained Because Perfection Is, Margaret Laird, CSB, presents an unapologetic corrective for mistaken theological concepts that have kept much of mankind in the dark for centuries. Though written 70 years ago, this wide-ranging challenge to many prevailing assumptions about humanity is being made available to the public for the first time.

Perfection Is Gained Because Perfection Is has been published in an 80-page softcover edition that includes the hand-written annotations added by Mrs. Laird to her final typed version of the manuscript, and reproduces her use of italics and underscoring.

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In “Perfection…,” Mrs. Laird presents the idea that divine Mind in action, constitutes and constructs its own evidence of Being called man. This teaching of Metaphysical Science turns all responsibility for living back on itself as reflective Being which we call man. Thanks to that fact, she says, “there is nothing to keep man from the Now-experience of Reality, or pure Truth.” Mankind’s troubles, she writes, are not the result of sins being punished by an angry God, but of “the Truth ever-appearing that man cannot live happily and securely” in the prevailing misconception of himself as a physical self-view, rather than his spiritual mental existence.

Science is here to show “the so-called human mind that its troubles are really its perceptual non-existence coming to view. Divine Love, the awareness of perfect being,” she continues “disposes of beliefs of lack, want and woe,” and is the only power that can do so. “Injustice, unfairness, dissatisfaction, and imperfection are not states of Mind,” but human points of view of what is divinely going on. “Christianity, as conceived and practiced today, is anti-Christ” because “it denies the present divinity of man.

On the battle ground of one’s own consciousness, a point of view is educated out of itself.  Humanity must drop “the theology which separates God and man into good and evil, saint and sinner.”

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