Tele-Class: Individuality Understood – Key to Empowered Living


Join facilitator Bruce Manuel and special guest Rob Craig to explore how your sense of identity and individuality frame your experience of wholeness in this 5-session tele-class that begins January 20th, 2018.

“Science is enlightenment. I do not need healing of my sin and sickness, but of my mistaking the human ego for the Ego. I need to discover what I am not in order that my divinity – what the world calls character – may appear. The metaphysical treatment, which heals by being, will provide me with what my mother should have helped me grow as a child: BE and by being heal the sick. Locked in the I that is not-I, I cannot grow into adulthood – spiritual maturity – without suffering.” (Paraphrase from “We Are the World We Walk Through,” by Margaret Laird, p. xxx)

There will be a total of five sessions:  Jan. 20, Feb. 3 and 17 and March 10 and 24, 1:30-3 p.m. (Pacific Time)

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Facilitator Bruce Manuel and special guest Rob Craig will lead the discussion each session, with topics including:

Jan. 20
1. Limitless power is accessible by each individual.
2. Consciousness (conscious identity) is the safe, sure guide to using that power.
3. We often locate our unrecognized/disowned sense of power in what we regard as a problem.
4. Every single experience helps the individual see more of his divinity.
5. It is impossible for an individual not to help himself to the best of his ability at all times.
6. Imagination and intuition often open the door to this help.
7. To the extent that I consciously call upon my protean imagination, I no longer see myself as subjected to it.

Feb. 3
1. Limited ways of helping oneself include negation: “Ouch! — I wish this hadn’t happened.”
2. When I negate an experience, it is only so I can live it unconsciously, instead of consciously.
3. Negation is simply a form of unconscious affirmation.
4. The human desire to negate an experience arises with the feeling, “I can’t maintain my sense of identity and see the lovable-ness of myself and at the same time embrace this experience as being ‘I.’ ”
5. Saying no to something has nothing to do with it, other than to remove it from one’s sense of identity.
6. Not recognizing the I-ness of any Not-I concept, I allow it to control me.

Feb. 17
1. Until I can see the goodness in anything, I am not seeing it clearly, not seeing the truth of it.
2. In truth, everything is truthful, and everything is comforting.
3. There is nothing – nothing! – in my world but goodness.
4. It is difficult to see that what I used to call God’s will is really my will.
5. My discovery and enjoyment of my Self are my life’s work.

March 10
1. An individual who lives a part of his life consciously affirming this is “I,” and another part of his life unconsciously affirming this is “not-I” is not seeing life whole.
2. If a man defines his femininity as “not-I” and a woman her masculinity as “not-I,” each is unaware of maybe half of their living.
3. As soon as one can extend his self-love and self-tolerance to include what he said was not-I, the effect is felt as an elevation of the mind and a feeling of soulful love of life.
4. The soul is an all — All itself — which we used to call God.

March 24
1. Using the imagination, the individual can find ways to grow self-love to include what was previously impossible to include as oneself.
2. The individual lives himself consciously when recognizing everything that he lives as himself.
3. There are no exits or entrances in the soul.
4. There isn’t any knowledge but Self knowledge.
5. There isn’t anything else a human being has to do but grow – and growing is just another word for living.
6. We choose either Allness or illness.
7. Research is me-search.


When: Saturdays, Jan. 20, Feb. 3 and 17 and March 10 and 24, 1:30-3 p.m. (Pacific Time)


Platforms: Class will be held via a live interactive video-audio format for those using Zoom software on a smartphone or computer. An audio-only format will be available for those using any type of phone.

Information about how to access the course sessions and homework to be completed prior to the first session will be emailed to you upon registration

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