Freedom to Be Yourself

Teleconference: Mindful Awareness: Living Science Fully


Led by Brad Kling

Starts Monday September 18th, 2017 at 6:30pm Pacific Time.

A total of five sessions: Sept 18th, Oct 2nd, Oct 16th, November 6th, and November 13th at 6:30-7:30pm Pacific Time.

Our study and Monday evening conversations will explore Mindfulness, that state of awareness for self-consciously living your Divinity — the God-Being showing-up as you and your world. The focus and attention given to the causative nature of what has you “be” enormously impacts your experience of life. Releasing your belief or view of what’s unfolding as your Reality and being present to the spiritual Fact opens new vistas, possibilities, and freedom for living.

This teleconference will be building on Mrs. Laird’s ideas and principles expressed in We Are The World We Walk Through, we’ll discover the secrets and understanding for living Science fully and mindfully. Our mission — let’s discover the joy of Being without making its expression a struggle or an effort.

“He who is living his divinity self-consciously as Metaphysical Science, recognizes that all of his living is self-living and wholly Good. Good-living is Good, self-consciously lived as All. “  — Margaret Laird, WATW, Foreword xliv

Texts that will be used in these sessions:

The Teleconference Call-In details and the assignment for the first session will be emailed to you upon registration into the teleconference.  

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Text that will be used in these sessions:

We Are The World We Walk Through, by Margaret Laird.