1-Day Livecast

October 20, 2018
From your living room

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Annual Seminar Live Cast:

You Are Trapped By Your View of Reality

Create freedom, power, love, and abundance in your life every day!  
Find out how your view is limiting what’s possible, and what’s required to be your Self — fully alive, abundant, self-expressed — every single day.

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Are you satisfied with your life in every way today?

Is life an expression of abundance? Joy? Happiness?

What is getting in the way? 

How are you limiting what’s possible for yourself and your life?

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When you discover who you are you can let the picture be.  When you know who you are, you may do things you’ve never tried before.  You don’t see things “out there” as separate.  

The being being every individual is always present, whole, perfect, complete, satisfied.  All the time.  

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It’s a 1-Day live event, designed for your participation – starting at 9am Pacific Time and ending around 4:30pm Pacific time.

It’s about getting the feel for it — so at any moment, you can be your Self, right now.  The ability to take yourself out of the concern and the burden of everything that troubles me in human living and be present to the fact of Being – which is always whole, perfect, and complete.

A mastery of living yourself intelligently – functioning perfectly!

Join Us on the 20th!

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Seats are limited.

Participate from the comfort of your living room.

You will be able to be in the meeting “live” via Video, or can call in. Those on live will be able to ask questions live and participate fully.

You will receive the link to attend (and the optional call-in details) once you are registered, via email.

NOTE: We have a limited amout of seating if you’d like to attend the Livecast in person in La Jolla – please let us know whether you’d like to attend live, and we can provide details.

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